Kingii Wearable


The new Kingii Wearable for all those who love the water

Kingii is the new & smallest inflatable wristband in the world.If you need help to stay afloat, pull the lever and an inflation bag will pull you to the surface. The Kingii can hold a maximum weight of 130Kg so you are in safe hands.

Kingii is lightweight and can be worn in and around water. You can reuse Kingii by replacing the CO2 cartridge inside. If you love swimming, surfing and the water, you will love Kingii.

Kingii 3.0 is for the people who love the xtreme watersports

The summer of 2017 is almost upon us and the new Kingii 3.0 has now arrived in Europe. The new sleek black design with a completely new box for holding the bag is 2mm larger to enable the balloon to have more space while repacking. The new clip will prevent the Kingii from ever opening until the time that deployment is necessary. This will prevent the box from opening while paddling out on your surf board or while flying high on your kite-surf. Kingii 3.0 has a new nylon strap which is lighter and fastens quicker also providing additional comfort and flexibility the strap is also longer allowing it to fit to every person.

An incredible device which should have been invented a long time ago

Many people will not even think to wear a life jacket as they are to big and bulky and restrict movement, But forgot the fact that it can save your life. The Kingii cannot replace a life jack but will assist you if you were to get in trouble at sea. It is small, lightweight weighing only 168 grams and non-intrusive, allowing you to still be able to swim and have fun in the water while staying safe. The Kingii can be worn by teenagers, adults & the elderly for children under 16 we would advise adult supervision.

The Kingii will give you the reassurance you need, knowing that you and your loved ones are safer while at sea in the lake or even the pool. For all the kite surfers, surfers and open water swimmers the Kingii will give you that piece of mind when you are alone and something unexpected may happen.

Even the most experienced swimmers and water sports enthusiasts can find themselves in difficult situations where you may require a little help. The statistics show that drowning is the 3rd biggest cause of death in the world. 372,000 people die every year from drowning related incidents, please let us help bring this number down and try to save a life.

The future arrives to us via the internet  

The founder of the Kingii Mr. Tom Agapiades created this with the help of his Californian team. Kingii was created after Tom lost one of his closest friends in a tragic drowning accident that could have been prevented. The production started in August 2015 after a campaign was launched on Indigogo where it was funded with $635,000. The Kingii received the Edison Award for best start-up innovation for Athletics & Recreation. Also winning first place in the Start-up Competition at Cambridge University & Brema University.

Why Kingii…

The name Kingii derived from the Clamydosaurus Kingii which was named by British Zoologist John Edward Gray from a specimen collected on an expedition from the HMS Mermaid. The Clamydosaurus Kingii when defending itself from predators will open its frill exposing a bright orange lining.

8 replies
  1. Rosa Doris
    Rosa Doris says:

    Un producto genial, la atención al cliente y la ayuda muy buena.
    El envío genial, me tardo un día en llegar el producto a casa.
    Estoy encantada.

  2. Anthony De Peri
    Anthony De Peri says:

    Prodotto perfetto ! Di una Qualità eccezionale, lo raccomando a tutte le persone ! Un servizio clientèle di ottima qualità ! Primo , ma non ultimo ordine ! Grazie ancora !

  3. Andy
    Andy says:

    Bought this for my wife for our holiday as she is not the strongest swimmer.
    She wore it everyday and felt a lot more relaxed.

  4. Adam
    Adam says:

    Such a great product, brought 3 for my little cousins when I take them swimming as they are getting more confident in the water but still give a them and me a bit of peace of mind as it’s the right size for them to become better swimmers but still have the safety of s life jacket with our feeling restricted!

  5. Beatriz
    Beatriz says:

    Muy satisfecha con el producto.
    Mi hijo lo ha utilizado en nuestras vacaciones y siento que está más seguro con el.
    Muchas gracias kingii.

  6. Yannick
    Yannick says:

    Très bon produit, mon fils de 6 ans l’a porté cet été et je dois avouer que le voir dans les vagues m’effrayaient beaucoup moins !
    Merci pour cette invention géniale !!!


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